2017 Lincoln Continental

This is the new car that we purchased specifically for our road trip. We looked at a number of cars that would be suitable for a long road trip but settled on the new Continental which was brought back after being out of production for many years.

The first things one might notice walking up to the 2017 Lincoln Continental are the unconventional door handles tucked into the chrome strip that runs beneath the windows. The doors are opened by pressing a button and an electronic latch does the rest of the work. Aside from that feature, the rest of the Continental's styling is pretty conventional, but not in a bad way. It wears the brand's new grille that mimics the Lincoln badge. Also it has a fairly upright looking cabin and big front and rear overhangs. In an age where more automakers are going to swoopy, coupe-like styling for sedans, it's almost refreshing to see a car with more conventional styling.

It seems like whenever an automaker comes out with a new luxury car, it will suggest that the interior is inspired by private jets, and it's no different with the Continental. The Continental has available heated and cooled seats; they also have a massage feature as well as independent thigh extensions for more support. Backseat passengers aren't left out either, as the available features include reclining, heated, cooled and massaging seats, audio and climate controls, and sunshades. Lincoln also says it's worked to create a quiet interior, with Active Noise Control and acoustic laminated glass.

Under the Hood
The sole power train is a Lincoln-exclusive 400 horsepower (estimated), twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 that's estimated to produce 400 pounds-feet of torque. The sedan will offer available all-wheel drive and three drive settings of Comfort, Normal and Sport, that will alter steering and suspension settings as needed.